All of Africa! Brighten up your dining table with an beautiful set of African inspired plates. These patterned design are presented in various traditional cloth that you will find from North, South, East and West of the African continent which include vibrant colours that will make your tasty food look even more delicious on your plate. We have now extended to Tote bags and cool mugs.

One of the main reasons I've decided to create these products of African influenced designs is to help the people of Africa that really need our help. It is important to me that a percentage of yearly profits that i make on selling these products goes back into the continent itself. As I'm using traditional African influences to make items that people like and purchase I believe it's only right that part of the money raised goes back into helping out the infrastructure of small villages across Africa that needs help. So, effectively as you the customer are buying items from my website you are contributing to helping small villages in Africa get on its feet with the basic utilities that you and I take for granted such as water and electricity. Please help me to achieve my goals by buying items on my page and as time goes by I will update everyone on how much we have raised for the year and where this money will be going to.The items that are sold in my shop all represent some part of Africa as much as possible. A lot of African history and languages are not known to people of African Heritage outside of the continent itself and these plates and other crockery are made to highlight interesting imagery as well as being and looking really nice on a dinner table for anyone. Please take a look inside my shop and if you find anything interesting please feel free to order. I'll be updating my shop with new products as time goes by so please look out for the latest item to add to your collection. I must add that I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to browse in my shop and hopefully you see something you would like to purchase.  Read More

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